{Cover Reveal} Finding It by Cora Carmack

Hey you guys!
It's time for another cover reveal!
I've been MIA and I'm 4 books behind for a review
I've been very busy with school and all
of my majors are giving me a hell of time
so blogging is having an away-time with me
but anyway...

So, I'm very uber excited about this book
and I've been CORA-induced in the past few weeks
and I hope you are too!

Have you seen my post about
Keeping Her
(Click the title to see, if you haven't)
YES! Garrick! I know!
I love him too! 

and here goes another one from Cora!

It's time for some...
I am so happy to announce to you my lovely readers!
The unveiling of the Finding It cover by our lovely Cora Carmack!

yes, yes, yes!
see.. she's a blonde!

i'm so excited to have this one!
you too, right?

that's all for today
*hugs and showers kisses*
i hope you enjoyed this one!

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