Book & Blog Appeals: #ArmchairBEA 2016 Day 2

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Book Aesthetics and Blog Appeals

I've never thought book aesthetics would be a huge concern in the book community. Well, not until now. I have carefully enlightened myself about this topic since I am a huge fan of pretty and strongly-appealing book covers. 

When I started reading YA novels back in High School book covers are just book covers. I didn't care about how it looked, or if the colors are appealing, or if it matches the season, or what. I usually go for the blurb and if it piques me, I would go for it. The smell of the book is also one of my addiction (until now!!). Pretty neat, right? Then as I grew into this hobby called reading, that's when I began to notice things. Covers and flaps began playing a huge part of choosing books. One time I would go "Ooh. This book is really pretty. The colors used are pleasing for the eyes." I go check the blurb but ends up not liking it. 

Looking at book covers are like looking at people's faces, and reading a book is like getting to know a person. See the similarity in that? That's why we have the saying "Don't judge a book by it's cover".  But I admit. I sometimes do judge books by their covers. I can't escape it. The words just fall off of my mouth. :))

Another thing is about series cover designs and how important they are. I know I'm not the only one who likes to maintain neat, similar, and suitable book covers. I love it when I can find similarities in cover designs because I'll definitely know that it's in the same series. I don't even know why but it really disappoints me if suddenly there's a shift in the book cover. It doesn't feel right and I feel like it doesn't belong in there. And the type, too! I would really go for hardbacks so the sizes are neatly similar but when I feel like I'm broke (which is always mwahaha) paperbacks are my go to. One of the problems of paperbacks are the sizes. Some are taller than the others and some are just small. I can't even point out the difference. These two books are exactly the same but the sizes are different. And what's worse? The second book isn't the same size. I'd go exploding tantrums. Not a good idea, guys! I don't wanna go OCD because of books. 

Lastly, how important is it that the visual art of the book [cover] matches the art inside [literature]? These are some parts of the judging stages of a book. Surely, covers that matches the lit are very important. It's like what is apple pie without apples inside the pie? What will be the point of placing something in the cover that doesn't mean anything in the book? It's going to be basically nonsense. The cover art is important because it's going to be the representation of the whole book. Without it, ideas beforehand about the work of fiction would be hard to imagine. So, that are my thoughts about books. <3 p="">

Next thing we'll talk about are Blog Brands. Thousands of bloggers have created their brands and there are going to be times that you know which blog is which and who owns it. I'm still in the point where I am establishing my blog and focuses on the uniformity of my posts and reviews. 

If you've noticed, I love these watercolor splats I've used. Basically, I love watercolors. And pastel colors, too! Blog brands are about yourself, your likings, and how you would want it to appear. It's basically up to you. 

When it comes to the graphics and logos, I wanted everyone to feel light and happy with a pinch of fun so I used pastel colors. And they are pleasing to the eyes. I needed to consider how visitors will feel about my blog. I wanted to show them a part of me, in it, to get to know me. That's where it starts, right? But we can't please everyone and that's not our problem anymore. What's important is that I have put a hundred percent of myself in that area. 

If you've also noticed, my reviews starts of with my unending zealousness and praises for the book. It will be followed by the summary. I sometimes do follow it up with pros and cons but most of the times, I evaluate the main characters of the book, what is and what is not to like. Followed by my favorite character. I don't know if it ever happened to any of you guys, but for me, most of the time my favorite characters aren't usually the MCs. Usually they are secondary characters, the friends of the MCs, or the sister/brother. But there are also times that they are my favorite. And then, it ends with my whole opinion about the book, did I like it, did I not, how piqued I was before reading, or how fast I have read the book. It's the summary of summaries. Then I rate it. That's how I review a book. 

I still find my blog growing and I still think there's still a lot in me and what I like to discover. Changes are coming and evolution is unending. That's going to be everything for my blog, yet. But one thing is for sure. This evolving little website I have created two years ago is a part of me, wherever I am. 

I hope you have a wonderful day, nerds!

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