Just a short Pre-Boards Hiatus. I will be back!

Hello, All!

I don't even know how to do this thing but I am currently taking a break from reading books and blogging from the remaining days of July until the third week of September to give way to studying and taking up the Medical Technology Licensure exams. Due to the situation at hand, I will not be accepting any review request from the said dates above. I will be responding to all review requests once the exams are over. Also, I will be cutting myself from internet connections (if possible!) to really really focus on studying and at the same time, work.

While this actually saddens me and the fact that I will not be holding, reading and reviewing upcoming books, I will try my very best to catch up once I get back from my hiatus. I hope everything goes well for me from this day onward.

Guys, please pray for me to pass the exams. Your prayers will be greatly appreciated!