Book Spine Poetry {1}

Okaaaaay. So it's actually the first time that I will do this kind of stuff and I thought "why don't I try it." :3
Forgive me and my friends about what you will see in the photos below. We've actually played with the titles and for the record, beginners. ((=

Today, you'll be seeing two pictures of what we have come up while hanging out at our local bookstore's warehouse sale (yes, during storm signals!). It was a rather fun thing to do especially while it rained so hard, there was almost zero visibility. Anyway, here goes nothing.


Miss Julia Throws a Wedding
As the World Churns
Look Again
The Man With the Red Bag
Searching for Paradise in Parker, PA
Where I Must Go
So I was involved with this crappy tune of a poetry though most of the works belonged to my dear pals who also loves to read books.


The Bible Salesman
Jimmy's Stars
Okay. So this one, I made alone. Nuff said :3
So what did you think of our hullabaloos?