Merry Christmas from Me to You! (& STS)

Happy Christmas everyone!

You, of all amazing people! May God continue to shower you with blessings. Don't forget the true meaning of Christmas! The birth of our Lord, Jesus Christ. (:

I know, I know. Christmas are for kids. But let's brag about what we've got this Christmas Eve. 

So while we all hand gifts over last night, I knew some were mine. But I left it there. I just watched my niece and nephew open their gifts and let me tell you, them opening so many presents was a great, overwhelming feeling and it touched me. Touché. 

I ended up opening my gifts in our little room before heading to bed and I got these lovelies!

Thank you to my dear sisters (Jhem, Jen and Jev, you guys rock!) and my friend, Herda, for the birthday and Christmas gift. 

And also, last night was the only night I got to read Dash & Lily's Book of Dares. (Will post my review before the year ends!) and it was a really great Christmas-sy read. I totally swooned over Dash! Such a cutie. And if you've been seeing my tweets, I've quite ran out of tape flags.

I get to use three colors. First the yellow. I ran out of it so I used green. But then again I ran out of green so the remaining two were blue. 

Last night was a blast! We got to sing acoustic (accompanied by guitar, played by me!) songs! Even though we were not that many last night, unlike now (the house is full of visitors, I tell you!), it was such an amazing night. 

What have you done that Christmas Eve? Do share! I'd love to know them! I'm a sucker for stories (that's already a given!). 


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