{Teaser 101} The Rocker That Loves Me by Terri Anne Browning.

Title: The Rocker That Loves Me
Author: Terri Anne Browning
Series: The Rocker...Series

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The Rocker That Holds Me
The Rocker That Savors Me
The Rocker That Needs Me

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Chapter 8
Shane's POV

I now knew what other guys were talking about when they said it was a nightmare meeting a girl’s parents for the first time. I had been nearly shaking in my sneakers when Harper introduced me to her stepdad. 

He was a cool guy, and we hit it off. Of course it helped that I had let the man win then filled his belly with expensive steak and even pricier bourbon. I liked Cecil Calloway, and he got top scores for treating Harper so gently. 

But I was more than happy to shake his hand goodbye after dinner. I was ready for some quiet time with Harper. I ached to taste her lips again, and that ache was only growing more painful as the evening proceeded. Dessert had been pure torture!

With the bill and generous tip taken care of I took my girl’s hand and we headed out. We were almost out the door when I noticed someone sitting at a corner table with some model that was making a name for herself lately. When he spotted me he raised his hand and waved me over. 

Knowing I had to speak to the guy I tugged Harper toward the couple. “I thought you were ready to go?” 
“I have to say hello to someone.” I gave her fingers a gentle squeeze. “Then I’m taking you home and kissing you.” 

I thought I felt her shiver and my dick twitched against the fly of my dress pants. I pulled her closer as we reached the other table, trying to disguise my instant reaction to the beautiful creature that had me in her snare as well as to protect her from the man I was about to introduce her to. 

“Stevenson!” Rich Branson greeted with his megawatt smile. He really needed to stop going to the dentist so much to get his teeth whitened. “How has New York been treating you, man?”

I shook his hand. Technically Rich was Demon’s Wings manager, but Emmie was the one that handled all our tour dates and everything else. Since Axton had dropped OtherWorld’s contract in the spring Demon’s Wings was Rich’s biggest client. Emmie worked her ass off to take care of us, while Rich sat back and played with all the money we brought in for him. The guys and I had been talking about dropping our contract at the end of the year when it came up for renewal. 

“It’s been good.” I told the man honestly. “Drake seems to like his new gig.” 

“Good, good.” Rich hadn’t been all that enthusiastic about Drake signing on with America’s Rocker, but he had little say in what we did in our down time. Of course with Emmie’s pregnancy and Nik not wanting to take on big commitments for long tours, free time had been in abundance lately. Which meant Rich wasn’t raking in the money off us like he had gotten so use to over the last ten years or so.

The model sitting at the table cleared her throat, making it sound delicate. I turned my gaze in her direction and nearly rolled my eyes at the way she was sizing me up. Knowing that she wanted my attention I ignored her and introduced Harper instead. “This is my girl, Harper. Beautiful, this is Rich Branson. He manages the band.”

“Hello, Mr. Branson.” She offered her hand and I gritted my teeth as Rich latched on. 

“What’s a nice girl like you doing with Stevenson?” Rich laughed, trying to tug Harper closer. “You should dump him and come talk to me.” 

Harper pulled her hand free. “I’d rather cut your throat and watch you bleed.” Her sweet tone mixed with her feisty words made me hard as a rock. I pulled her back against my chest. Unable to mask my amusement the way I did my sudden raging erection I laughed.

“Ah, another one.” Rich murmured, reaching for his scotch, not at all amused by the rejection. 

“Another one?” Harper raised a brow at him.

“Emmie, Layla, Lana.” Rich shrugged his thin shoulders. “Beautiful on the outside, pure bitch on the inside.” 
I tensed, ready to rip the guy’s head off for daring to call my girl a bitch, when Harper laughed. “You think I’m beautiful?”

Sighing I pulled her back a few steps. “Baby, you really need to look in the mirror.” I whispered against her ear before stepping in front of her. 

Rich obviously thought he could speak to my girl any which way. Not only had he insulted her, but the other women in my family and I wasn’t about to walk away without correcting him. With Harper safely behind me I bent over the table so I could meet Rich eye-to-eye. “Speak like that to her, or any other female in my family, and I promise you will live to regret it. How will you afford those little blue pills that keep your dick hard while you fuck fake hos like her if the Demon’s suddenly dropped you on your ass?” 

I took pleasure in watching the man pale before straightening. With my hand to the small of Harper’s back I guided her out of the restaurant and into the back of a taxi that had just let a couple out. 

“I’m sorry about that.” I was quick to apologize to her. “I should never have put you in that position…” I broke off when she started shaking her head. 

“It’s okay. I’m fine. You are the one I was worried about. Do you normally shake like that when you’re upset? Do you have high blood pressure or something?” Her tone was full of concern.

I hadn’t even realized I was shaking. I didn’t normally let my emotions get the better of me, but my rage at the other man was barely being leashed. I wanted to beat the fuck out of him, badly. No one talked about Harper like that! No one. 

A gentle hand covered my heart and just like that I felt the anger start to drain away. Glancing down at her hand on my chest I felt something deep inside contract. It was almost painful, and totally scary. Without thinking about it I pressed her into the corner of the taxi’s back seat and kissed her. 

She had the sweetest taste. My tongue stabbed inside her willing mouth and I sipped greedily. I wanted more, ached to hold her naked body against my own. I needed to be inside of her, my body was screaming for it—my dick weeping for it.

Instead I only took what I knew she was ready to give. Each second the kiss lasted I savored, loving how she innocently kissed me back. I was her first kiss, and I was determined to be her last…
*Note: This is unedited. I dont own any of the above writings/piece.
Can Shane be any more sweeter? Gaaah! I want one. Where can I find a guy like that? Do you know any? LOL. Gods! Anyway, I can't wait! There will be another teaser this mid-September, so don't forget to check out (:

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