{Cover Reveal + Teaser} The Rocker That Needs Me by Terri Anne Browning

It has been quite some time now since my last post
Have you joined that Scavenger Hunt back there?
Did you enjoy it?
Well, you'll enjoy this more...
Because it's THE ROCKER THAT NEEDS ME teaser day today!

Also, the release date has been moved to July 9th or July 16th


Okay, before we go over the teaser, since I'm a bit busy these past few weeks
therefore, L.A.T.E.

Here's the Cover-To-Be of
The Rocker that Needs Me by Terri Anne Browning


Well, isn't that just very hot, hot, hot!

Before you kill me with all the needs, which I am right now,
I'd like to be a little more selfish. Hihihi.
I'll be keeping you away from the teaser.
but that won't happen. Rest assured.

okay, since I love you all, here's the teaser (again)

** Note: This is an UNEDITED VERSION**

Chapter 5
Something was tickling my cheek. Without opening my eyes I lifted my hand to brush it away. When I felt nothing, I tried to drift back to sleep. 
The tickle came again and I moved my hand quicker than before, but still came into contact with nothing. Sighing I turned my face away, snuggling into a pillow that smelled like Drake. A smile teased my lips as I inhaled deeply, savoring the scent.
When a tickle to my other cheek came I frowned and opened my eyes. Drake was propped up on an elbow, leaning over me while his long fingers caressed over my cheek. “I thought you were never going to open those beautiful eyes,” he murmured. 
There was something different about Drake. I was sure that he was drunk, but he didn’t talk like he was. His speech wasn’t slurred and his movements weren’t awkward. However, there was a glassiness to his eyes that told me he wasn’t himself. At the moment, he was staring down at me with something like hunger in his blue-gray eyes. 
I caught his fingers that were still caressing across my cheek and linked our fingers together. “How are you feeling?” 
“I feel as if I will lose my mind if I don’t kiss you right now, Angel. That’s how I feel.” His voice was deeper, full of promises that I was sure he wouldn’t have been offering if he were sober. 
Maybe it was taking advantage, maybe it was being selfish, but I really didn’t give a damn. I released his hand and wrapped my arms around his neck. “There isn’t anything stopping you, Drake,” I told him. “Kiss me.” 
“Is it what you want, Angel?” he asked, his eyes focused on my lips. “Is it what you really want?” 
“I want you, Drake. It’s all I will ever want,” I promised him, letting my fingers comb through his unkempt hair. 
My answer was all he needed. His dark head lowered. The first brush of warm lips against my own was a feeling I would never forget as long as I lived. The way my blood turned to lava and I felt like I was going to singe the sheets as his tongue barely brushed over my bottom lip. My own tongue snuck out and I got my first taste of Drake. 
It was a mix of whisky, cinnamon, and something more erotic. I couldn’t put a label on it, but I knew that it was all Drake. That first taste was heady, and I instantly craved more of it. I opened my mouth, silently inviting him in to play so that I could have a bigger taste. The tip of his tongue tickled the roof of my mouth as he tangled it around my own. 
A moan left me without my realizing it. My body was aching, my breasts swelling in the tight confines of my bra. I wanted it off, needed it gone so that they wouldn’t hurt so badly. Lower, I could feel my panties growing damp and tried to hide it by crossing my legs. 
My movements made me raise his head. “Okay?” His voice came out all growly, almost animalistic.

I nodded. “Yeah.” My own voice was all breathy. “Kiss me again.” 
He grinned that grin that only I could make come about. “Oh, I’m going to.” He brushed his nose with mine and felt his lips caressing my cheek. His lips were soft, but firm. They trailed across my cheek to my jaw. Sharp teeth nipped at my ear lobe making goose flesh pop up along my arms. My nipples, already aching in the now tight confines of my bra, tightened. 

I want to share something:
I am one messed up girl, right now.

Well, folks, my job here is done.
Swoon all you want.
I wont stop you.
I can feel them as real as I am.

If you've missed the first teaser,
click these words to read and feel how you really wanna
know my feelings when it's only a few more weeks until the
day of the release. It'll surely leave you catching
your freaking breaths.

All is well and done,
I shall cave back to my world.

Thanks to Ms. Terri Anne for letting me post
the teaser and cover!


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