{Review} The S-Word by Chelsea Pitcher

Title: The S-Word
Series: Standalone
Author: Chelsea Pitcher
Date Published: 7th of May 2013
Publisher: Gallery Books
Genre: Young Adult-Mystery
Pages: 304 pages
Source: E-galley from Netgalley
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(From the book itself)In the S-Word, seniors Angie and Lizzie have been friends since they were five, but when Angie walks in on Lizzie and Angie's boyfriend, Drake, together in a hotel room on prom night, their worlds fall apart. Shattered by betrayal, Angie stops speaking to her once best friend, and it seems the entire school is backing her up when the cast Lizzie as a “slut”. When Lizzie then commits suicide, strange things start happening: incriminating pages from Lizzie's diary show up in the lockers of the students who harassed her, and the words SUICIDE SLUT show up on Lizzie's locker—in her own handwriting. Angie decides to punish the guilty parties and will stop at nothing, even when her vendetta threatens to consume her.
Debut author, Chelsea Pitcher, depicts the rough and cruel reality of high schools where one word and one decision can ruin not only a reputation but a life. 

Angie's quest to seek the truth behind her bestfriend's suicide takes you to a world where mystery and thrilling events capture your innermost thoughts, one will surely keep on rooting every page of this book. Every turn of the page will keep you thrilled and excited at the same time. 

At first, I was not sure if I would like this book because technically, if we would look at the cover, we will describe this as what? Plain and simple? That's what I thought. But I have not really seen or grasped the cover. Not until I saw the author's tweet about how amazing the cover was. The scribblings of the s-words like slut and suicide,  were etched on the cover. Like how fricking amazing is that?

So, what is my say?

To be honest, I am really struggling to verbalize the entire book. I can't just throw perfect. It has been used for over like forever and I don't want that to describe the book because it sort of has this effect on me that I can totally relate, since I was, from what I remember, also bullied in high school. 

My parents didn't know but I actually suffered real hard. First I was this snobbish sneaky girl from your local town and after that encounter, I was this antisocial-introvert-kind of girl who always want to lock herself up in her room and read tragic love stories. I never talk to people unless they talk me into talking. I don't trust anyone easily even my friends. Hell, sometimes I don't even trust myself. 

But enough of old and new me, how did it really affect me?

What happened was that, I was sort of relieving that moment. Sophomore year. I could never forget. It's like bad dreams chasing me in this reality. It's dark and enticing, I wanted to fight and overcome my fears. And I compromise to finish this even though I flinch with every twist in the story. I really saw this as a challenge. It's mysterious in every way possible and it will leave you guessing, cutting your guesses to the most possible suspect. Suddenly you end up guessing the wrong person because, hey, you just didn't expect. I did. 

The revelations of the written entries made me tear and left goosebumps on my skin. Especially the 19th of April entry. When you read them, you challenge yourself, try to be extra careful because the very description could lead to another person, again I did. I just suddenly feel that I can't just keep guessing. And that's where I just stopped. I forced into finishing the book, all my thoughts at the back of my head and just really dived and drowned myself in. Then I was done. And surprised. Real big surprised. They say you can't change a person. But in this book, if one can't, the other could. Not with her words, or her appearance, but with how they feel. And that's the part where I just crumble and relax. 

When I was done, I came up with words to describe this. FLAWED in the most perfect way, PROMISING in its very depth, SURPRISING, NERVE-WRACKING, and HEAD-SPINNING. You'll just never want to stop, not until you reach the end. You'll even want more


Despite the impossible/possible love story that happened to them, I wasn't really pinning for that ending. I was sort of thinking more of a really epic one. Like Angie commits suicide because she couldn't accept that she'd done those things, or that she lead the entire student body to crown Lizzie slut. Something like that. Or probably because she found herself horrible and that he decided to leave her behind. [note: I really didn't mention him. A little surprise wouldn't hurt. He's the last thing you'd ever thought of falling for her! He he he!]

Not really a bad book. It's more than meets the eye. And I love it. Still I am. I get attached to books so this will really take a while before it rubs off.

Chelsea Pitcher not only caught my heart in this book. She opened up my eyes and mind. Revealed hope in my soul and for once, I felt the disentangling of knots that haunt me every night, released and I let go. One hell of a miracle worker through words. (:

the judgmental stars: 5 friggin stars!!


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