{Review} Clash by Nicole Williams

Title: Clash
Series: Book 2 of the Crash trilogy
Author: Nicole Williams
Date of Publication: 18th December 2012
(first published 20th June 2012)
Publisher: HarperCollins
Genre: Young Adult/New Adult Contemporary
Pages: 273 pages
Source: Finished Copy/Purchased
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"Goodbye. It would be the hardest thing I'd ever have to say, and the hardest thing I'd have to live. Jude wasn't just my first love. He was my forever love. But hell if forces of nature hadn't aligned against me actually actually being able to spend my life with that person." 
from Goodreads...
Their Romeo-and-Juliet-level passion is the only thing Jude and Lucy agree on. That, and fighting all the time...

Also not helping? Lucy's raging jealousy of the cheerleader who's wormed her way into Jude's life.

While trying to hang on to her quintessential bad boy and also training to be the top ballet dancer in her class, Lucy knows something's going to give...soon.

How can she live without the boy she loves? How can she live with herself if she gives up on her dreams? If Lucy doesn't make the right choice, she could lose everything.

can we start with my blurb before we go to the real review?
Considering that the book contains some two-hundred plus pages, it really took me some time before finishing it. The story really got me shit-wrecked and it's getting onto my nerves. As much as possible, I tried listening to various rock musics and it sort of just happened that my iPod shuffled to a song called All the Same by the Sick Puppies. It felt like the song was made for the story, though, the song is really old (dates back 2008, I think). I had it related especially when the line goes
"...and I'll take you for who you are, if you take me for everything..."
you know how that feels, right?

moving on...
"People like Jude and me didn't make it through life without a screaming match every now and then; that was the reality. But reality was a lot easier to face with Jude wrapped around me the way he was now."
A guy like Jude Ryder is so hard to find. He may be shit-wrecked but I would really kill for someone like him to have. It's no common when a guy tell's you that he will do anything for you. I mean, it's kind of stressing (for a girl like Luce), but don't girls just find that very sweet? I don't know why I feel this way, but Jude may be the best and strongest hero in all books I have read, even-though he doesn't have those super-power abilities that the guys from X-men or Superman or even my favorite Iron Man have. He's just like a whole box of baggage of shit that you don't want out, instead, you want to keep. And the fact that he's really trying hard to keep himself out of that misery he let himself eat him. He's the you-are-the-only-one-that-holds-my-heart type of guy. Downbeat but very worth keeping. As I have said earlier: very uncommon, hard-to-find. Like those first editions of Tess of the d' Ubervilles by Thomas Hardy. 

Finding herself confused, Luce decided to take some time thinking and space, away from Jude. She poured her heart out studying and dancing, and resist herself from seeing the love of her life. Though hurt, Jude let her be. He took all the pain that Luce kept on giving him, and you know what they say, "If it's not difficult, it's not worth doing it.". As said in the book, they're both in a roller-coaster ride that has these bumps of ups-and-downs, and that never ceases. And when realization dawns Luce, she found that she wasn't out of the car that she and Jude was riding before. The coaster kept on running, only they were on different cars. Apart from seeing Luce as the selfish bitch—sorry for my word—I let my mind keep, there also hides a strong personality within her that I want. She's strong in a sense that wants to let go, but soon finds she doesn't and will never stop looking for unclaimed answers. I love her bravery, facing the fifty-thousand crowds that she saw. I even love her mom, considering she was a wreck way back from Crash. I love how she said:
"Love is what brings you together, Lucy. But it's the blood, sweat, and tears of hard work that keeps you together. Love isn't only love, sweetheart, It's hard work, and trust, and tears, with even a few glimpses of devastation. But at the end of each day, if you can still look at the person at your side and can't imagine anyone else you'd rather have there, the pain and heartache and the ups and downs f love are worth it."
Nothing beats motherly advice. But of course, I also love my mom. Forever.

Then there's god-*forgive me*-damned Adriana Vix who seems to do everything to get laid with Syracuse QB, Jude Ryder. She was really getting on my nerves I want to crush her to bits. Can she not distance herself a little bit? Because I'm really freaking out whenever I get to hear her name. She warmed her way to much that she even get to do Jude's laundry. Like, come on! She's almost too gay to function (line from Mean Girls, if you know what I mean). Seriously, why do they pair up a QB and Head Cheerleaders like always? It always happens in some movies but I loved how that didn't happen here, thank heavens. Mind I say, despite my hatred towards the woman, that she was a good distraction to keep the two hearts' love apart.

Mashing it all up, I got a really emotional, shit-wreck read that is tattooed on my mind. I can't get it over with. The ideas and writing combined was just so real, I almost imagined if it really happened for real. The conversations, movements, and descriptions were well-appointed. Though short, I eased on reading and finding it even more comprehensive—well-rounded—compared to that of Crash. You'll just end up being emotionally unstable because you'll never know—I never knew whether to feel so happy or so sad or even just so freaking excited because there will be a lot more to happen. This may not be the end for the series but it freakingly ended so damn well good. One can even imagine putting herself on Luce's position, because I did, and just fall apart because she will never had the same strength that Luce possesses.

For the second time, Ms. Nicole Williams shattered my heart in a different, yet, amazing way again in this novel that will surely prove that what you have is worth fighting for and that easy never comes with great responsibility, therefore, not worth it. Though, not all will love this, I can say it's worth the read.

the judgmental stars: 5 Friggin' Stars!!! 

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yours truly,

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