{Review} Hold Me Down Hard by Cathryn Fox Book Review

Title: Hold Me Down Hard
Series: Standalone
Author: Cathryn Fox
Date Published: 13th May 2013
Publisher: Entangled: Flirt
Genre: Romance-Erotica
Pages: 51 pages
Source: E-galley from Netgalley
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Eden is not your typical farm girl from Iowa. She's gone to the city to be an actress and soon found herself falling for her bestfriend and sexy cop neighbor Jay Bennett.
Struggling about what happened to his sister, Jay pursued his career as a cop. That's what he promised her sister—making him relive his past every single day. The same reason why he couldn't do the things he wanted for Eden.
One night took everything he held. He couldn't resist himself from touching her. Just one nibble he said. And she took his bait. Now his problem is how he will stop.
This is not the first time I encountered reading erotic romances. It's just really short. 

Anyway, this was really an interesting read for me because it's the first time that I encountered a cop being part of the lead roles. He he he! 

So, how do I see it?

It's eye-gasmic [take that gasmic from orgasmic like eargasmic as how they describe music that sends pleasure in your ears], sort of predictable, and fetishly romantic in a really good way. 

I was sort of expecting some three-hundred plus pages with the thrill of action-packed love stories but was disappointed when I found it contained only fifty-nine. I was also seeking for a little bit of action where, not only the scripted part be written, but well played. Should've played it a bit longer so her role of being the damsel-in-distress became real.

Anyhow, it was one hell of an erotic read for me and it seriously sent shivers down my spine, not the scary way though, maybe in a slightly romantic way? I don't know.

Cathryn Fox may have released her best in this short story but I bet she can do way better than what she has put in here.

the judgmental stars: 2 Friggin Stars


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